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"you are here, sentient, an unlikely consciousness in a universe of unimaginably large and distant bodies. 

you did not choose to be here and you did not choose the circumstances that condition your life, but nonetheless, no matter who you are, you must find a way to make it mean something. 

how will you do it? 

how will you, with your unique strengths, sorrows, privileges, traumas, resources, and passions, live a meaningful life?" 

- sarah panlibuton barnes 

the year is 2014: a naive 18-year-old, know-it-all, moved from the north of england to the outskirts of london to study fashion journalism.

before too long i quickly became disillusioned with the ~industry~ and eventually realised that writing about music was the only thing i'm truly passionate about. 

fast forward a year later and i created this blog in the summer of 2015 after one too many listens of carly rae jepsen's run away with me; its name a play on words of the title of one of my all time favourite films, music and lyrics

since then, it's served as a way to try and answer the questions posed by writer sarah panlibuton barnes in the above quote, as i've struggled to navigate not just the post-uni world but a rapidly changing job market and more recently, a global pandemic and the effects of institutional racism on our society.  

while my passion for pop music has bloomed into a full blown obsession to help me cope with these troubling times, as a white woman i'm more aware than ever of the privileges that have allowed me to pursue writing as a full-time career.

staying silent is no longer an option and i'm passionate about supporting the minority groups who have been devastated by a series of systems that sees them as second class citizens. 

at the intersection of my struggle to succeed in such a competitive industry and my desire to be part of the fight against corruption and police brutality stands this blog, and it's something i want to continue as i've always believed that music serves as an escape from the world's problems, so i'll still be writing about the music i love as society hopefully begins to change for the better. 

you can also find me rambling on twitter, and for more serious enquiries at l.obrien1995@gmail.com.

the cadence project has created a google document including free to sign petitions, organisations to donate to and work from black writers, artists and directors which can be accessed here