Friday 22 March 2019

new (and old) music friday #35: CXLOE, sigrid, namasenda, litany

after stumbling across the podcast app anchor, i decided to sign up and record a new music friday. i'm still getting to grips with both the app and website but it's surprisingly easy to use and the quality is a massive step-up from the "voice recorder" on my laptop. 

one thing i've enjoyed about my foray into ~podcasting~ is how much more confident it's made me feel; no longer do i dread those "video interviews" where you have to make a recording to answer each question. listening to my own voice on loop has forced me to accept that This Is Really What I Sound Like, though i'm convinced the recorded version of my voice is way more high pitched than normal. 

this week features my discovery of sigrid's new album sucker punch, a track i discovered via a chewing gum advert, the millennial equivalent of the pet shop boys and reflections on fantasy black channel, the criminally underrated album from late of the pier, which turned ten (!) this year. 

of course it's still not perfect but hopefully someone somewhere will enjoy it, so give it a listen here

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