Friday 8 March 2019

new (and old) music friday #34: eden xo, socialchair, arrhult, dragonette

i was hesitant to post this after listening back to both parts and scrutinising every word, but after two years Ya Girl is back with another one of those things loosely described as a "podcast". 

a series of (somewhat unfortunate) events lead me to first question everything i thought i wanted to do following the end of my news associates course and secondly attend the women in media conference in manchester last weekend, which made the possibility of yelling about pop music as a legitimate career slightly more plausible. 

my first "podcast" clocked in at around 27 minutes, due in part to how awkward i felt knowing my housemates could potentially hear me talking to myself, but now i'm back at home and able to speak at an audible volume, the two parts now amount to just over an hour. 

the first part ended up being way longer than intended but i did feel it was necessary to give some background as to why i'm suddenly deciding to do this after so long, and the second part (i.e. the good part) concerns some excellent new releases from eden xo, arrhult, socialchair and more. 

again, it's not perfect and i reckon about 50% of it could have been edited out ~for clarity~, but i've got nothing to lose and i highly doubt anybody will care (presuming they actually listen to it all the way through). 

so if you've ever wanted to hear a painfully awkward girl from the north of england turn what should be a nice, concise chat about music into a therapy session, today is your lucky day. 

listen to both parts here

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