Thursday 13 July 2017

new (and old) music friday #20: kesha, the killers, wolf alice, fickle friends

despite denouncing the current state of pop music in my last post, there have been a couple of songs which are an exception.

1. the killers

i briefly mentioned them in my last post, but i've been obsessed with their latest single, the man, which noisey have discussed more extensively here. the track retains the slightly 80s influence of both the band and brandon flowers' solo material, making it an instant hit in my book. while watching the video on youtube, i also came across shot at the night, and this has also been on repeat recently. this is pure power ballad realness with a euphoric chorus reminiscent of starship. i also rediscovered human and spaceman, which still Go Off nine (!!) years later.

2. brooke candy

by far my most played song this last week, volcanothe latest single from the california native is an audio and visual dream. long time fans of brooke may have noted that both her sound and aesthetic have become slightly more toned down in recent years - perhaps due in part to her signing with sony, who as she mentions in this interview, she has since parted ways with. or maybe it's her collaboration with pop powerhouse sia, who she continued to work with on her new single. either way, it's safe to say she's come a long way since the release of das me, which upon watching back for the first time in years, i've realised actually contains a super empowering message for women. but if it's a club-ready banger you're after, volcano certainly delivers, though it still retains brooke's signature rapping style. 

3. chloe howl

the london-based singer first broke out in 2014 with her infectiously catchy singles rumour and disappointed before going quiet. it later emerged that she had left sony music in april 2015, delaying the release of her self-titled debut album. i wondered if i'd ever hear anything new from her, but my prayers were answered last month when she released magnetic, a slow-burning electro-pop number about trying to resist someone you know is no good for you, and hopefully her album will soon follow. 

4. fickle friends

i'm not actually sure how i found this band, but after seeing that one of my favourite artists shura had remixed one of their tracks, i knew they would be good, and i was proved right upon hearing their stupidly catchy tracks, hello hello, say no more, brooklyn, and my favourite, glue. last year, after two years of touring without a label, playing an impressive 53 festivals, the band signed to polydor and are currently recording their debut album.

5. kesha

after an extensive legal battle with producer dr luke, kesha finally released her new single praying a few weeks ago. the song starts out quiet and unassuming but builds to a spectacular crescendo featuring a high note i didn't even know she was capable of. the video is a glitter lover's paradise, a stark contrast to the emotional nature of the lyrics; i challenge anyone to get through this video without crying. the future certainly looks brighter for kesha, and i'm sure her next album, whenever it arrives, will carry a similar sense of optimism. 

today she released another new track; woman is inspired by "donald trump's sexism". when i first heard it i feared we were in for joanne 2.0, but its country sound quickly gave way to a stomping beat and electrifying trumpet riff, and i;m now eagerly anticipating the release of rainbow on the 11th august.

6. wolf alice 

upon seeing matty healy tweet about this track, i instantly had to listen, and i wasn't disappointed. the second single from their upcoming album visions of a life, don't delete the kisses is another track that starts out small but carries on building to a heart-wrenching chorus, and i had to hold back tears the first time i heard it. but that was before i'd even seen the lyrics, which i struggled to make out upon first listen. after consulting genius, i was once again trying not to cry as they brought back feelings of loss and rejection i thought i'd left behind with my teenage crushes. the other day i saw one of these people while i was out, which perhaps intensified my feelings towards this song, which details singer ellie rowsell's potentially unrequited crush. what if it's not meant for me? she asks herself on the chorus, decidedly dejected, a feeling i know all too well. despite knowing that this particular crush was never going anywhere, when i saw them around town i was reminded of the second chorus; me and you were meant to be in love, so convinced was 17 year old me that somehow they would reciprocate my feelings of adoration. until someone declares their love for me via a moulin rouge-esque love song medley, i'll continue to play this song on repeat.

this week's playlist is here

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