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i've written in depth about how musing + lyrics came into existence here, but to save any potential readers having to trawl all the way back through my blog to find it, this will hopefully provide a more concise explanation.

long story short; i moved from a small town in the north of england to The Big City (in this case london), became increasingly disillusioned with the fashion course i was studying, and realised that music, specifically writing about it, was the only thing i'm truly passionate about. 

this blog was created in the summer of 2015 after one too many listens of carly rae jepsen's run away with me, and its name is a play on words of the title of one of my all time favourite films, music and lyrics (arguably hugh grant's most underrated performance). 

my passion has been, and probably always will be 80s pop music - the cheesier the better - though i am partial to a bit of disco. after shedding my blanket of insecurity re liking pop music both
new and old, i now embrace it wholeheartedly and create the posts on this blog in the middle of the night after watching a film/documentary/music video that's made me feel Some Type Of Way.

i try not to take myself, or my writing too seriously, which is perhaps ironic given what i said about wanting to pursue music journalism full time, but this blog simply provides an escape from the pressures of Adult Life, just like any good pop song should. 

you can also find me rambling on twitter, and for more serious enquiries at l.obrien1995@gmail.com.

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