Friday 28 April 2017

new (and old) music friday #18: haim, angie, rupaul, foster the people, tinashe

today was a somewhat momentous day as my uni magazine arrived from the printers, and i am ridiculously pleased with how it turned out. naturally, i'm going out to celebrate, but just wanted to share a few of the songs that will feature in my Getting Ready playlist.

1. haim

after what felt like an eternity, haim finally made their return to the music world, and i have to admit i'm slightly disappointed with their new single, right now. combined with the video, which shows the sisters in the studio, it all felt a bit like a rough demo, and a tad lazy. they've had nearly five years to make an amazing comeback, and it was a little lacklustre for me. their new album something to tell you, will be released on the 7th july, and i'm hopeful that it will still deliver bangers such as this and this

2. angie

the video for spun was suggested to me as i was watching something on youtube (probably a make-up tutorial) and i was instantly captivated by the swedish star's dreamy pastel world, a stark contrast with her risque lyrics. this interview provides more of an insight into the life of this rising star, and i'm looking forward to her next release, whenever that may be. 

3. foster the people

the indie pop quartet also made their return to music this week with the release of three new songs, and though i wasn't massively into them, i was reminded of excellent tracks from their back catalogue such as best friend, fire escape, coming of age and of course, pumped up kicks.

4. rupaul

this is the first year i've actually watched drag race from the beginning and i have to say, i'm loving it so far (valentina to win!). the lip sync songs rupaul has set have all been excellent so far, including this karaoke classic, and this party-ready number by britney, but it was a song of his, played during the closing credits of one episode that i've been obsessed with, and kitty girl will be played at full volume while i get ready later. 

5. tinashe 

the singer, dancer and actress released the video for her latest single flame last week, and i've had it on repeat ever since. i've found her singles so far to be a bit hit and miss; some i love, others not so much, but this one is destined to be a hit. 

honourable mention: the 1975 

not technically a new release, but matty healy did an interview with zane lowe for beats 1, and discussed the band's third album, music for cars, set to be released sometime next year, and hinted that it would be the end of an era, but hopefully not the end of the band. he also talked about how they are in a transitional phase, trying to work out what to do next after such an incredible year, and i can't help feel the same. i'm pretty much done with uni now, save for a few last minute changes to my portfolio before our hand in next wednesday, and it's only now that i realise just how much i've achieved over the last three years, while worrying about what's coming next. 

hopefully it will involve tickets to see harry styles though, as today he announced a world tour in support of his yet to be released, self-titled album. 

this week's playlist is here

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