Friday 3 March 2017

new (and old) music friday #16: lorde, billie eilish, the xx

in a strange twist of fate, things seem to have been working out for me in the last week or so, though i'm still reluctant to talk about it for fear of somehow jinxing it. and of course, i had an excellent soundtrack for my week, which i'll discuss below.

1. lorde

how coincidental that on one of the most significant days i've had with regards to my writing ~career~, lorde finally released her new single. both of these events took place yesterday, and though i was fully aware of the ever-looming release of green light, following some excellent, if not highly frustrating promotion, i couldn't have predicted how well things went for me yesterday. after an also successful tutorial at uni (despite oversleeping and being five minutes late), i went into london, specifically to whitechapel for an interview of sorts at guestlist magazine. long story short, my first article for them is now online and can be read here. after nearly three years of rejection from various publications, seeing my work on someone else's site and getting recognition for it is a feeling quite unlike any other. (i feel like the 1975 finally getting to headline a festival after 13 years of being a band.) it was just a shame that i had to wait until i got home to listen to - and watch the spectacular video for - green light, as it would have made an excellent addition to my already triumphant walk back to the tube station post-interview. i made up for it when i got home though, listening to it on repeat at full volume, and i highly recommend you do the same. 

2. hayley kiyoko

the former disney star released new single sleepover yesterday, with another excellent video that makes me incredibly grateful to have someone being so vocal about their sexuality in the music world in the current political landscape. the song also serves as a vehicle for all my feelings directed at various girls over the years who never felt the same, with the line even when you're next to me / it's not the way i'm picturing summing up that plummeting feeling of disappointment when you know you'll never be more than friends. her explanation of the music video also made me tear up slightly, as she said it was for the " lovers, dreamers, and seekers" of the world and described how her daydreams allowed her to "find self-love and feel validated", another feeling i know all too well. 

3. the xx

i finally got round to listening to the latest album from the london-based electronic trio, i see you, and it didn't disappoint. this might sound odd as they're all in the same band, but i could definitely make out the signatures of jamie xx's sound, making the album reminiscent of his 2015 solo release, in colour, which featured on my list of favourite albums that year. highlights include on hold, replica, sunset and lips. 

4. dead or alive

the other night i watched a channel 5 documentary about pete burns, filmed in the weeks before he died of a heart attack in october last year, and though i came away with a new-found love of his sharp wit and sense of humour, it was also the music that captivated me. most people are familiar with dead or alive's most famous song, 1984's you spin me round (like a record), but after frantically shazaming the songs playing in the background of the documentary, i found some new favourites including brand new lover and hooked on love. this is 80s pop at its best - and cheesiest - and though i've yet to listen to the rest of their albums, their vevo channel has a great selection of hits from a tour they did in japan.

5. billie eilish

after reading a nylon article about the california-born singer, i listened to her latest single bellyache and was instantly hooked. written from the perspective of a murderer just after committing their crime, the song's storytelling is matched with an equally excellent electronic-infused sound, and i'm excited to hear more from the rising star.


i can't for the life of me remember which gig it was at, but i remember seeing the london-based duo live as a support act, and was instantly hooked on their infectious synth-pop sound. signed by charli xcx to her label vroom vroom, they recently brought out a new single, the delightfully dark bad karma, which is now on repeat alongside their other tracks friend lover and kill my fears. 

this week's playlist is here

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