Wednesday 19 October 2016

new (and old) music friday #10: GIRLI, niall horan, BANKS, the japanese house

this week's post comes in the form of a podcast; a new Thing i'm trying out after one of my uni tutors asked if anybody in the class made them. at first i thought it an odd thing to do, but after stumbling upon a podcast by tyler oakley, and reminiscing about my old barbie karaoke machine that i used to record myself on when i was younger, i decided to give it a go. 

i really want to continue this and have a mix of written posts and podcasts, so i plan on getting my mother/best friend/anyone who is willing involved as it would be nice to have someone to talk to instead of just rambling on for half an hour by myself, but for now it's just me.

as it's the first one it won't be perfect, and i encountered several Technical Difficulties trying to record/upload it - the internet kept going off as i was trying to upload it to soundcloud, perhaps a sign that a career in radio/podcasting (is that a Thing?) isn't for me - but it's now available to listen to here

also, a playlist of this week's tracks - and some extras - can be found here

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