Thursday 12 November 2015

you've got stars in your eyes: love and longing with one direction

as it so often does, my self restraint has failed me. i was going to wait until tomorrow, when one direction's fifth album made in the AM, will be released, to write about it in full, but their latest offering, what a feeling, is just too good to ignore. 

this song feels endless, weightless, limitless, though maybe that's just because i've had it on repeat, an endless stream, all evening, at full volume. 

certain songs evoke a sense of movement and should be best enjoyed driving in a convertible with the top down, the wind blowing through one's hair, driving down a seemingly endless road. this song is one of them. 

the fleetwood mac influence is strong, but the foursome put their own spin on it with their stellar vocals. call me biased, but harry's vocal in the bridge is just sublime. it feels like he is speaking directly to me with the words,

whatever chains are holding you back, don't let 'em tie you down.

these chains take on many forms; my innermost thoughts, my fears, hopes and dreams, and also physical manifestations; people and places i miss, that i can't help but feel an attachment to. 

this song fluctuates, just like my moods. from the negatives;

there's no way out and a long way down
everybody needs someone around
but i
 can't hold you, too close now

that longing, wanting someone so desperately, touching, or at least trying to, from a distance, that seemingly endless wait for something more to happen.

to the positives;

what a feeling to be right here beside you now
holding you in my arms

it's what we live for, that touch, that closeness, a feeling totally unlike any other. it's chaotic too;

when the air ran out and we both started running wild
the sky fell down

it's too much, sometimes too soon. caught up in the moment, it all comes crashing down. nothing lasts forever and eventually we have to come down from that high. 

these, however, are my favourite lyrics from the whole song;

but you've got stars in your eyes
and i've got something missing tonight

that undeniable spark. perhaps because you're so blind to everyone else, they're all you can see, all you can focus on, and it doesn't matter how hard things are, how much time you have left, they are the only thing that can fill the void. time is precious, but even more so when you're with that person. it could all be taken away at a moment's notice, so you have to make it count. and for that moment in time, they are the thing you're missing. 

what a feeling is a song about love and loss, the highs and lows, the challenges but also the victories.

and it's clear that one direction will emerge from their whirlwind five year career, and the chaos that ensued, as the victors. 

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